Why I love NLP and what makes me help others ...

Martin Bednar NLP trenér

NLP Master Trainer

I help my clients find their road to success. I respect everyone's personality and views. I am neither a wise professor nor a clown. I am a very practical person and sometimes I play the roles of a professor or clown to facilitate the learning process.

Martin Bednar NLP kouč

NLP Coach

I work with individuals, sometimes with teams. I help them clarify where they are, where they desire to get and what is the obstacle. And then, finding a way is mostly just a matter of persistance. :-)



I have a family, two kids. Two teenage sons, actually. I have been teaching them what my parents taught me. That I should live in such a way that I can look everyone into the eyes. I am not always sure that what I am doing is the right thing. I am making mistakes.  So I take mistakes as a great source of learning.


NLP in my life

  • I am a Master Trainer of NLP, which is the highest NLP degree. I have earned my degree at at University of NLP at Santa Cruz in California.
  • I can certify Practitioners, Master Practitioners (who often call themselves "Masters") and Trainers.
  • I studied with nestors of NLP Robert Dilts and Judith deLozier.
  • As far as I know, I am the only person with that degree in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.
NLPU NLP Master Trainer certificate
  • I would like to thank also John Seymour, who influenced me as a person and NLP professional.
  • I was lucky to meet John at the end of his training career, when he was selflessly giving all his knowledge to his students. 
  • The person who brought me to NLP was Tomek Smilowicz, my former manager at Citibank. He was one of the best managers and leaders I have met in my life.
John Seymour NLP Training

John Seymour

  • I studied also with Richard Bandler, one of the NLP founders.
  • I was impressed by his positive approach to problem solving.
  • Richard is a person with immense intelect, which he doesn't keep to himself. :-)
Richard Bandler NLP zakladatel
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